The editor, Curtis Deeter, was interviewed on Toledo channel WTOL 1-14-2020, speaking about the e-zine and I am mentioned and my work is shown on the cover:

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Current News and Events:  

*I am looking for local businesses to show art at....if you have space available, please Contact Me!


•  "The Woodcutters" - watercolor, Cover Feature, Of Rust and Glass e-zine "No. 1 - Renaissance" 1st quarter 2020

• Reproductions of "The Old House" are available through the Anthony Wayne Area Arts Commission.

• Accepted into the Ohio Watercolor Society's 42nd Annual Exhibition.

The piece, "The Woodcutters" has also been chosen for the traveling exhibition

(through May 2020) CLICK HERE to see the traveling show itinerary.

*Will appear locally from March 2 - March 26,  at the

Marathon Center for Performing Arts

​• I am currently illustrating a children's book and working on a mural.

​​The Adventure of Art...​
I work on several different-styled series with vastly differing mediums,

techniques and themes because I enjoy many and I find this affords me

no room for ‘artist’s rut’ in doing so.   I share my 'Adventure of Art' within

a few separate artist's statements...

“Classic” and  "Genre" Artist’s Series Statement:
Nature, structure and classical techniques, sum up my landscape, still-life and portraiture.  

Artistically,  I find heavy influence from the likes of John Singer Sargent, but God's marvelous creation provides all the rest.  I spend a lot of time ‘thinking’ on our farm as I’m weeding the garden or doing chores... caring for the animals.  Finding appreciation in the 'every day'.  Negative space is just as important to me as positive space between objects so in this 'thinking' I am always ‘sketching’ in my mind and then later, shaping all references to fit that 'sketch'.  Seeing that everything has purpose, it is then that I can go further and add elements that tell a story (the 'Illustrator' in me), because I want people to linger, to look and discover. Watercolors untainted with corrective opacities; still-life oils built up from value studies, inspired of old masters, is structure that I enjoy in this vein of work.​

“Hands” Series Artist Statement:
To this artist, hands are a beautiful thing. Hands nurture; they toil, they bless - they strive. Beyond prayer, hands empower the soul. They also tell every story under the sun. Trial to triumph, compassion to crucifixion--these hands are filled with every line of life.

My works convey an underlying spiritual theme; with overtones of societal issues. The element of 'hands' depicted are an important vehicle to deliver an expression of emotions that need no face to convey, no voice to tell. To the spiritually sensitive, rich meaning can be drawn; while the rest may find themselves moved by the emotional tone of the piece, depiction, or left with a hunger to discover ‘why?’ ​

I use an earthen palette which holds a feeling of age... history, treasured memory.  Mixing media helps me flow with what is best for the piece. Focal points needing depth and opacity while inherent darkness to a work is often used to convey a dreamlike 'state of thought' or as an ‘underline’ to the deeper spiritual message I am intending to convey. Dimensional objects are often inserted; that element of texture is an important means that brings ‘physicality’, --that drawing sense of ‘Touch’.
Through such uses, my desire is to pull the viewer into empathy; fusing personal life experience with the message and emotion that the painting exudes.

The ‘Hands’ tell the story. I have found that if I cover the artwork and leave only the hands showing, that there must be a story, an emotion -- a sense. If it’s not there, it’s not ‘Hands’.

Photo Transfers on Copper - "Hands - Nature" a graft from the hands series but contains interaction with nature (animals).  “Over the past few years I have had quite uncanny opportunities to fuse my endearing focus of ‘Hands’ with nature.  My subjects were animals in need of help, rescue or resuscitation. These St. Francis of Assisi moments became such commonplace that I began to always have my phone with me for such opportunities.”  “Hands in Nature”, consists of photo transfers on copper; with subjects such as cardinals, an owl, a raccoon.

“Freedom” Artist’s Series Statement:
Birds are content creatures.  In all the business they do in a day, they do so with playful:  awareness, determination and daring.  It is through their tireless model I find inspiration.

‘Freedom’ is a series of works that express, through the form of birds, my struggle as wife, mother and artist.  Unorthodox inspiration from M.C. Escher explores confined spaces, while symbolic expressions of waiting and/or suppression, and passages of ‘breaking free’ fill my work.

The element of color saturation and material play a subtle, expressive part to my work.  Wood or fiber=present reality, gold or silver=hope of the future, resin or wax=containment; degree of color saturation=degree of freedom.  This series is primarily expressed through encaustic collage or watercolor.